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Awakened Sounds Studio is a small recording studio located in Stühlinger in the heart of Freiburg. It is run by Eshaan Dwivedi, a music producer and sound engineer from India. Eshaan has worked as a music teacher and producer with various projects in India. He moved to Freiburg in 2018. Since then he has been working as a composer, producer and performer in various formations and sound projects such as Experimental Kirtan Freiburg. Awakened Sounds Studio is a creative space that provides you a cozy atmosphere to carve your musical ideas and get them ready to be shared with the world.



Music Production
& Audio Design

You have ideas for a song or an audio project that you want to create?

I can help you with creative and focused sessions to drive those ideas in the right direction. With your inputs and my guidance we will create a professionally produced track.

I also offer sound design for art, gaming and other experimental projects.


With the current setup I offer recording facility best suited for solo artists, small bands, audio books and podcasts.

Mixing & Mastering

I can take tracks or stems you've recorded at any studio and create a professional mix and mastered track ready to sound great on all types of listening systems, platforms and environments.



Madima, Freiburg

The USO, New Delhi

Frederik Schmid, Eucalypdos, Freiburg


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Awakened Sounds Studio

Ferdinand-Weiß- Straße 49, 79106 Freiburg

Tel: +4915901393199

Email: studioawakenedsounds@gmail.com

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